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Do you need a refresher on econometric methods, specifically in a corporate finance context? Then take a look at the slides for the course Empirical Methods in Corporate Finance.

Have you ever wondered how to use VBA in Excel? Here's a quick example of changing data from a wide format to a long format, which is suitable for importing into other statistical software.

IDRE @ UCLA (Institute for Digital Research and Education) - Great resource for data manipulation and econometrics in different software packages.

If you would like to see some academic Finance presentation from the main Finance conference of the year (AFA), you can go to the AFAJOF Youtube channel.

If you are interested in machine learning and alternative Econometrics methods, then take a look at some videos recorded at the NBER Econometrics minicourse.

If you want to delve really deep into machine learning, then check out the Deep Learning book. Teemu Roos has three intro courses with good material online. There's a quick and simple finance look into probablistic programming in Python using PyMC3 by Thomas Wiecki. Youtube is full of other videos on the topic.

If you are interested in the programming side of market making and arbitrage then watch this video by Jane Street (and this one).

Everyone who thinks that the basics of finance course (or any other course) was too simple may update their skills with this document: Finance theory and applications (in finnish). It's pretty much the same material but presented "thoroughly".

The presentation suite think-cell is available on demand from the Finance department. Try it to make professionally looking presentations e.g., for your course assignments and bachelor's and master's thesis.

An alternative approach to retrieving data from SDC (PDF)

Further resources for researchers at Aalto are available through the library.

Links to interesting pages and papers

Links to research journals

Links to online data sources

Research by Aalto Finance people

Bachelor's Finance courses at Aalto

Master's Finance courses at Aalto

PhD in Finance at Aalto

Research method articles

Links to econometrics (math, statistics) software

Some tips on generating LaTeX documents

Master's thesis from previous years.

Contact person

Mikko Niemenmaa

Could you maybe learn finance online? Maybe.

Masters of Finance videos

They say that the best way to learn coding is to look at other people's code.

Why not check out the code of some of the companies active in the industry:

Some interesting looking Finance related coding projects:

Who said finance isn't funny?

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Video tutorials

Quick tutorial on how to retrieve time series data with Datastream:

Quick tutorial on how to retrieve data with SDC Platinum:

More tutorial videos

Additional Youtube channels with video tutorials related to using data sources:

More video tutorials on using Datastream: Search Youtube for Datastream.

More video tutorials on using Thomson ONE: Search Youtube for Thomson ONE.

More video tutorials on using SDC Platinum: Search Youtube for SDC Platinum.

Finance and other lecture videos

Processing data

More video tutorials on using R: Search Youtube. Also try with r and using r.

More video tutorials on using RStudio: Search Youtube.

More video tutorials on using STATA: Search Youtube.

More video tutorials on using gretl: Search Youtube.

More video tutorials on using SAS: Search Youtube.

More video tutorials on using Matlab: Search Youtube.

More video tutorials on using SPSS: Search Youtube.

More video tutorials on using Excel: Search Youtube.

More information

Read blogs about how to use some of the data sources:

Various R video tutorials

Quality varies: